Skate wear has come on a long way since its glory days in the 1980’s and 90’s.  This fashion was only as a style worn by teenage dropouts and skaters.  Now it has surpassed the subculture of its roots and basic features have been infiltrating fashion brands all around the world.

Street Fashion Looks for 2013.9

You can see urban fashion on every street from the chic young things falling out of Soho nightclubs to the cool classrooms of well-to-do universities.

Skateboarding was a way in which the youth could take their streets and give them a place for their rebellious statements.  In many ways, skating was the world of those without riches, work, or possibilities.  This led to the stereotype of the skaters being associated with drop-outs and loafers.

Street Fashion Looks for 2013.10

Even so, the skate wear was individual and easy to pick out from the crowd.  The very fact that a skater stereotype had grown showed that skating had actually made it in terms of growing into an exclusive separate social group.

This is an important factor when it comes to the fancies and vagaries of fashion.  There is nothing fashion designers love more than a ‘look’ they can brainstorm from. It was only a matter of time before urban fashion moved from the streets to center stage.

Street Fashion Looks for 2013.8

The iconic urban fashion look was simple.  T-shirt, baggy jeans/cargo pants, and sneakers, and could be altered with add-ons such as a hoodie, shorts, or a short sleeve overshirt, nevertheless the original style remained the same.

The search to find some of the sickest jeans in the urban fashion world continues, and Log Jeans are perfect for any event, as they have both a casual look, but they can also be worn in less informal settings.  Log is fast becoming more fashionable, and they offer an assortment of different styles.

Street Fashion Looks for 2013.4

Opt for the street fashion brands such as Volcom and Insight that can offer you a sophisticated look.  Choose classic band tees with designer urban style jeans and toss a tailored jacket over the whole ensemble.  Group this with a sick pair of sneakers for a more urbane street fashion look.

Idealistic paradigms should never establish what you wear. Stay ahead of the crowd and help advance the hottest urban fashion on the streets.

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