Fashion Blogs Say Metallics For Summer And Yes, Peplums


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Document Clutch

Fashion blogs show that these document clutches are business fitting, large enough for a laptop, or iPad, and useful and fashionable. Multiple sections for definitive neatness these well-defined envelope shapes come with well as metal corner tip finishing as well as color blocked panels to add appeal.

Fashion Blogs Say Metallics For Summer And Yes, PeplumsReworked Cowgirl Boot

Cowgirl boots are in this spring with translucent plastic, snakeskin, cut leather shapes including sandals and peep toe booties. Decorative stitching and a slight squared-off toe, they come in so many spring colors. Turquoise, leather and lace, chunky soles, and can be worn with skirts, shorts, and dresses for a decidedly sweet cowgirl look. Fashion blogs are sporting these boots all over the place.

Fashion Blogs Say Metallics For Summer And Yes, Peplums9 Fashion Blogs Say Metallics For Summer And Yes, Peplums8Luxe Cuff

Arm candy in chunky gold Luxe cuffs add to any look be it sporty or an evening out. Lavishly decorated with colorful rhinestones, curb chain trims and can come bejeweled, studded or filled with solid perfumes or practical clocks! Decorative florescent strawberry colors give a color explosion. Find more on your favorite fashion blog.

Fashion Blogs Say Metallics For Summer And Yes, Peplums16Fashion Blogs Say Metallics For Summer And Yes, Peplums15Fashion Blogs Say Metallics For Summer And Yes, Peplums13Metallics

Metallic brocades in extravagant shades are one possibility for your spring / summer wardrobe especially when they prettify a beautiful selection of outright feminine silhouettes. The overall tendency here is to emphasize the metallic clothing trend’s stylish nuances and its endless panache.
To make a unique statement all your own, a fashion blog will tell you to steer clear of gold and silver metallic, focusing instead on pastels for a delicate addition to your color palette. Aqua blue, pink, and lilac walked the 2013 catwalk, immersing the fashions with creative imagination and some retro flavor.

Fashion Blogs Say Metallics For Summer And Yes, Peplums19Fashion Blogs Say Metallics For Summer And Yes, Peplums117


Peplums have been peeking over the edge of fashion for several seasons now, but on Calvin Klein’s spring 2013 runways they rose up to have their moment. While some designers held to the unbending femininity of the peplum, others brought it truly forward, setting out modern choices that see it crossing paths with other spring looks.
While peplums have normally been worn attached to skirts, or jackets worn with skirts: fashion blogs say peplums are now found over the hips of skinny jeans, or with tailored shorts as the fresh updates pair with the peplum profile aligns with a touch of androgyny.

Fashion Blogs Say Metallics For Summer And Yes, Peplums20Andrea's Grand Opening At Wynn Las VegasPhoto © zimbio


Urban Fashion Is For The Fashionable



Once, in the vague past, say all the way back to 2010, if you were not dressed to the hilt, you were a nobody on the front row of a fashion show. Eveningwear was quite conventional at 9am, fashion design was a major deal, and 5in heels were the least possible obligation. Forward to the autumn/winter 2013 shows. Fashion editors ran from one show to another wearing high-top trainer, while the unpretentious sweatshirt was favored over any ball gown. Fashion has relaxed, and you can forgo the extreme high heels and evening dresses. AirMax trainers, and Givenchy sweatshirts are now the A list items and the tomboy – as illuminated by Cara Delevingne – has replaced glamorous as the feminine epitome.Urban Fashion Is For The Fashionable6Urban Fashion Is For The Fashionable7

Replacing the space left open by ostentation comes skater trends. Surf style was in fashion a couple of seasons ago, now it’s the time for urban fashion. The trend goes back to the questionable fashion revolution of the skater shoe (a slip-on first created by Vans), thanks in part to Phoebe Philo at Céline last year. Top fashion designers Thomas Tait and Richard Nicoll gather muse from the urban fashion that encompasses skate this season, showing sportswear shapes, bursts of neon, skater inspired shorts and boxy tees are featured in their collections. On the high street, Topshop and Asos have incorporated the look and Sandro has teamed up with photographer Hugh Holland, who exalted the 70’s California skaters in his book, “Locals Only”.

Urban Fashion Is For The Fashionable10Urban Fashion Is For The Fashionable9Look for the skater look to follow into the fall shows as Hood By Air was the sizzling show at New York fashion week. Top fashion designers, Stella McCartney presented silk separates showing skaters performing tricks in the print and Giambattista Valli, the utmost lady like brand showing skater shoes in the loveliest pink to match the gowns.

Urban Fashion Is For The Fashionable11Urban Fashion Is For The Fashionable18While hoodies, trainers, bold logos, and baggy silhouettes have been the attire of skaters and urban fashion for years, it’s the first time since the 90s when an asexual style was in favor and top fashion women’s wear has embraced them. “I have all these beautiful Alaia dresses in my closet but I haven’t pulled one out in a while,” says Yasmin Sewell, retail consultant and fashion blogger favourite. “I’m much more drawn to great trousers and an oversized T-shirt.” The fashion way of wearing skate style differs from the way skaters wear it, of course. Sewell’s is worn with a heel while Vogue’s style editor Emma Elwick-Bates wears Vans for evening “with skinny tux trousers or a long sequin skirt. To paraphrase the Dogtown boarders,” she says. “I like to ‘cultivate an air of unpredictability’.”

Urban Fashion Is For The Fashionable14Urban Fashion Is For The Fashionable17Photo © zimbio

Fashion Articles Give All The Latest In Fashion Trends


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There are many sites that give advice, sport new trends, and keep us up to date on new styles from famous designers. Fashion articles are talking about the spring fashion trends for 2013.
“It’s a combination of all the things I love,” said Peter Som of his debut capsule collection for Anthropologie. Anyone knowing Som’s pithy, feminine women’s wear collection knows that the designer has a certain partiality for floral prints. So it should not come as a surprise that his new eleven-piece line, priced between $128 to $360, features a maxi dress, flirty frocks, simple summer skirts and many more, is bursting with clever blossoming designs and fashion trends.

Fashion Articles Give All the Latest in Fashion Trends“The collection has that off-kilter, patchwork, kind of magpie sensibility. It’s about a quirky elegance,” said Som, who is also working on a future accessories campaign for the retailer.

Fashion Articles Give All the Latest in Fashion Trends5Of course, fashion articles are talking about how Hedi Slimane would dress a Rolling Stone. Slimane was the the clear choice for Keith Richards, whose wardrobe will consist of T-shirts, silk scarves, vest and a cafe racer jacket. The jacket appropriately named “The Keith Jacket” and will be presented for sale for a paltry $4,850. The jacket is part of the upcoming Saint Laurent Stage Wear by Hedi Slimane collection, which will be in stores in June.

Keith Richards5The Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum declared the winners of its esteemed National Design Awards, although the official duty won’t happen until October. This year’s beneficiary of the fashion trends award is the Iranian-born and New York-based Behnaz Sarafpour.

Behnaz SarafpourSarafpour’s line, which was founded in 2001, has progressed into a well-rounded women’s wear collection that merges feminine cuts with inventive textiles.
The ensemble introduced fashion trends with traditional silhouettes turned modern using neoprene and piled velvet. Past winners of the design award include Thom Browne (2012), J.

Photo © zimbio

The Making of Top Fashion Designers


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If you are an aspiring fashion designer and your career has not yet reached the place where you want it to be, do not be discouraged. Ralph Lauren used to sell ties while Marc Jacobs worked stocking shelves. Top fashion designers were not even born in fashionable cities, or to fashion royalty. Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein came from the Bronx, while Yves Saint Laurent hailed from Oran, Algeria and Tom Ford was from Texas. Marc Jacobs was employed as a stock boy for Charivari, a New York clothing store and Ralph Lauren was a road salesman for a neckwear manufacturer. Coco Chanel was once a clerk in a hosiery shop and Tommy Hilfiger was a freelance designer for Jordache jeans.

The Making of Top Fashion Designers2

Donatella Versace is the sister of Gianni Versace. Donatella took over after his murder, proving herself as a fashion designer by taking the Versace name to new heights. Marc Jacobs always bases his designs on the styles of previous decades. He previously designed for top fashion designers like Louis Vuitton.
Vivienne Westwood was once a teacher and Thierry Muigler started out as a dancer. Everyone knows the letters CK stand for Calvin Klein. Watches, perfumes, fragrances, eyewear, home collections and underwear are included in his fashion portfolio.

The Making of Top Fashion DesignersFashion designer Halston was once employed as a window dresser at Carson-Pirie-Scott and Laura Ashley worked as a secretary. One of the top fashion designers, Giorgio Armani was a buyer’s assistant for a department store and the one who made Batman look chic when he was off work. Armani has become famous for his suits and has even been commissioned to design suits for Chelsea Football players and its directors. Christian Dior started as an art dealer and Gianni Versace started out on a different path with no formal training, but learned tailoring from his dressmaker mother. Top fashion designers are not made by formal education or formal training, but it seems that they are born that way and destined to manifest their talents and follow destiny at some stage in their lives.

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Street Fashion Looks for 2013



Skate wear has come on a long way since its glory days in the 1980’s and 90’s.  This fashion was only as a style worn by teenage dropouts and skaters.  Now it has surpassed the subculture of its roots and basic features have been infiltrating fashion brands all around the world.

Street Fashion Looks for 2013.9

You can see urban fashion on every street from the chic young things falling out of Soho nightclubs to the cool classrooms of well-to-do universities.

Skateboarding was a way in which the youth could take their streets and give them a place for their rebellious statements.  In many ways, skating was the world of those without riches, work, or possibilities.  This led to the stereotype of the skaters being associated with drop-outs and loafers.

Street Fashion Looks for 2013.10

Even so, the skate wear was individual and easy to pick out from the crowd.  The very fact that a skater stereotype had grown showed that skating had actually made it in terms of growing into an exclusive separate social group.

This is an important factor when it comes to the fancies and vagaries of fashion.  There is nothing fashion designers love more than a ‘look’ they can brainstorm from. It was only a matter of time before urban fashion moved from the streets to center stage.

Street Fashion Looks for 2013.8

The iconic urban fashion look was simple.  T-shirt, baggy jeans/cargo pants, and sneakers, and could be altered with add-ons such as a hoodie, shorts, or a short sleeve overshirt, nevertheless the original style remained the same.

The search to find some of the sickest jeans in the urban fashion world continues, and Log Jeans are perfect for any event, as they have both a casual look, but they can also be worn in less informal settings.  Log is fast becoming more fashionable, and they offer an assortment of different styles.

Street Fashion Looks for 2013.4

Opt for the street fashion brands such as Volcom and Insight that can offer you a sophisticated look.  Choose classic band tees with designer urban style jeans and toss a tailored jacket over the whole ensemble.  Group this with a sick pair of sneakers for a more urbane street fashion look.

Idealistic paradigms should never establish what you wear. Stay ahead of the crowd and help advance the hottest urban fashion on the streets.

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